Concrete Demolition and Removal

Concrete Demolition and Removal

Over time, concrete can settle, crack, or develop holes that can’t be fixed any longer. When this happens, the best thing to do is to remove the old concrete and pour some fresh. Whether you need a new garage floor, a new driveway, or you’re getting rid of an old in-ground pool, the method of concrete removal is generally the same.

Concrete Demolition Options

When it comes to concrete demolition, depending on your local city laws you have options in the type of demolition you can do. Below you will find a list with a brief description and usage.

Complete Demolition

We will demolish the complete concrete layer and prepare land for new construction per city requirements. $$$$

Repair vs Removal

There are times when your concrete patio, floor, or driveway may be in rough shape, yet still repairable, which can save you hundreds of dollars in removal fees. The basic rule of thumb is that if your concrete has thin cracks or sunken areas, it can be repaired and still maintain its structural integrity. However, if your concrete has frost heaves, large cracks, holes or settled areas, you should consider removing it and pouring a new slab.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Debris Removal

Our concrete removal services will include some level of debris removal. In most cases, the cost of transporting the material is included in the cost of removing it. However, for some larger jobs you may need to rent a dumpster. You may also need to pay disposal fees.

Additional Considerations and Costs

Depending on the location of the concrete you are having removed, you may need us to come out and mark the location of any lines or pipes before getting started. Driveways and sidewalks in particular may need to be marked to avoid a dangerous situation.

In some areas you may need to obtain a permit prior to removing the concrete from your property. Pay a visit to your town or city hall to find out if a permit is necessary and to file the required paperwork. If you are having new concrete poured after the old is removed, a building permit may take care of the demolition as well.